VR for healtcare.

Virotea is a company that has developed a software service within virtual reality, VR. The service is primarily used in the healthcare sector for elderly and people with disabilities in need of daily assistance. The purpose is to simulate and activate the caretakers and contribute to a more meaningful life. The service is also created for your personnel to have easily run VR-sessions for caretakers individually or in a group of people. This allows the caretakers to experience and see places all over the world. You take them on an exciting trip and adventure without leaving the room.

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Our service

An easy and convenient way to use VR.

Create your own sessions in the VR-tool and play them for your audience. Visit the pyramids in Giza with your students or why not take the care home on a trip to the beaches of Thailand. You get access to a vast amount of beautiful 360-panaorma content from all over the world.

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