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What is Virotea?

Virotea is a company that has developed a service within the realms of virtual reality, VR, that enables visual inputs and experiences from all over the globe.

The service Virotea offers is primarily used within different social care instances, and is uniquely devloped to cover the needs of those within elderly care and LSS (The Swedish Act concerning Support and Service for Persons with Certain Functional Impairments). ViroteaVR contributes to meaningful activities where caretaker, single-handedly or in group, can discover and explore spaces and places from across the world without ever having to leave the comfort of one’s room.


Virtual Reality can contribute to perceived life quality and is a new and important compliment to current activities that stimulates our reward system. VR seems to have an overall positive impact on the following:


VR, or Virtual Reality, is a technique that simulates real environments in 360 degrees, in still or vivid format. VR is experienced through Virtual Reality-glasses that perceives which way you focus on your surroundings. Without ever having to change location physically, you can now visit the pyramides of Giza – or why not bring the whole elderly care to the beaches of Thailand?

Possibilities with VIROTEA

ViroteaVR is primarily focused on elderly care and LSS, but the product has a lot of advantages in work and projects involving teaching & learning. You are welcome to contact Virotea for more information regarding our customization options, all in order to suit your needs.

Virotea makes VR easy & comfortable!

  • VR should be available to all who are in need of the service

  • We customize solutions for your personal demands

  • All types of enterprises should be able to experience the benefits of VR

  • Personal and caring service

VR for Health and Social Care

Virotea VR is a service specially designed for the needs found within elderly care and LSS (The Swedish Act concerning Support and Service for Persons with Certain Functional Impairments).

Digitalization and Virtual Reality for elderly care

In pace with the elderly getting more and more comfortable with computers and electronics, there’s clear incentives that VR will be in a higher demand for the elderly cares of the future.

We can already observe a trend where elderly care centres are starting to offer Virtual Reality tools in order to accommodate the elderly’s needs of meaningful activities and experiences – while at the same time VR is perceived to be an efficient way to combat depression, loneliness and anxiety.

Why choose Virotea?

Virotea has to date already helped a few elderly care centres to handle the challenges they stand before. Virotea offers meaningful activities even to those who are restricted to their beds.

80-90% of the elderly who’ve tried VR tell us that their experience brings back positive memories. Furthermore our studies include several positive effects that includes the caretaker as well.

Digitalization and Virtual Reality for LSS

The LSS-branch has historically had a hard time to digitalize while the rest of society has leapt ahead – despite that the LSS-branch is in obvious need of new tools to make sure that their users needs are being fulfilled. Just like with elderly care there are certain demands on the LSS-branch to make sure their users are being included in meaningful activities and experiences. VR can help to minimize the limitation that physical immobility brings.

How can Virotea help users within LSS?

Virotea can help to contribute to meaningful and interesting activities for users that of different reasons are immobile. As a response to counteract isolation, anxiety and depression, Virotea offers a large variation of experiences tailored to the individual’s interests, needs and desires.

Customers & Rewards

In 2018 Virotea was awarded SKAPA which is an innovation prestige in memory of Alfred Nobel.


Together with Kurera Omsorg, Virotea has developed and worked on a project called “Virtual Reality – A meaningful life”. The project has with Virotea’s services contributed to create a meaningful day-to-day life for users in need of LSS. It was financed by the government organ Vinnova.

Vardaga is a leading Swedish company within elderly care. Vardaga grows with the vision “we make the world a little bit better, one person at a time”, which means that they strive to develop a responsible and safe care for their clients. Virotea has contributed to Vardaga’s vision by aiding them with VR services.

The municipality of Höör uses ViroteaVR within their LSS services for the younger. The elderly care Skogsgläntan and the creative housing of Kungshällan, which is a meeting place for serniors, have access to ViroteaVR.

Statens Institutionsstyrelse – SiS – uses ViroteaVR as a tool of learning in their educational programme. With the help of ViroteaVR their students can discover the world and take on challenging tasks with greater motivation.

Förenade Care offers ViroteaVR to some of their elderly care. Their activities have been very appreciated by the elderly as they have discovered tropical places as well as exotic animals.

Virotea has helped the Municipality of LUND to digitalize their social skills in order to help individuals within LSS. By utilizing VR, LUND is enabled to visually display core features for the user – in one sitting. This is super efficient, and fun!


The idea behind Virotea was formulated when the founder Ivan Perlesi tried Virtual Reality for his first time.

He was fascinated by how easy it was to be “digitally transported” to the other side of the globe and experience sceneries both previously discovered as well as undiscovered. When Ivan told his father (specialist in psychiatry) about his journeys, the thought arose that those who are in most need of VR are people who are physically limited in this reality.

With this conclusion in mind, Ivan Perlesi started the company Virotea, which today helps elderly people as well as the physically disabled to be able to travel to each and every corner of the world – without ever having to physically make the same journey.

Agenda 2030 – Goals to reach health and prosperity

The UN has created a global agenda for sustainable development where all kinds of companies and instances across the world strive to achieve the 17 different goals of sustainability.

Goal number 3: Good Health and Prosperity

The UN’s development programme, UNDP, is in charge of the site and their explanation of Goal number 3 is as follows :

”Good health is a fundamental expectation and laying ground for people’s opportunity to reach their full potential and contribute to the beneficial development of society. Their health is affected by economic, ecological and social factors – where Goal number 3 includes people of all ages and dimensions.”

Sweden invests in basis for equal health

The Swedish government has created a plan of action to reach the sustainability goals of 2030. The plan builds on “Securing healthy lifestyles and promote prosperity for everyone in all ages”. In this plan you find the formulated goal of investing in health and prosperity for all people including those with psychological and physical disadvantages.


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