What’s the CONTENT?

Popular tourist attractions with your own guide

We asked our clients where in the world they’d like to travel. Someone had always wanted to see the Eiffel Tower in Paris, another was fascinated by the great skyscrapers of Manhattan, New York. A third client had always dreamed of travelling along the Amazon river. In close collaboration with our clients and end users we developed a library of 360 degree videos of guided tours of popular tourist attractions, designed to correlate with the interests of the target audience.

In a slow and comfortable tempo and with a calm and informative swedish-speaking narrator, the user may experience impressive tourist attractions without having to leave the comforts of home.

Personal musical concerts

Music is most appreciated live. The very best musical experiences are the small, intimate concerts where we get to come close to the performers and watch how they handle their instruments with great skill and feel the vibrations through our bodies.

Sit back and enjoy soothing classical pieces, such as Johann Sebastian Bach’s Prelude in C Major or Scott Joplin’s “The Entertainer”.

The concerts are recorded in beautiful, resonant halls where the user is placed in the middle of the hall, in close proximity to the orchestra. Our VR headsets have built-in speakers, but also allows connection of external headphones.

Photographs and videos in VR

A picture says more than a thousand words.

Our clients can access a large amount of photos and videos, made to be perceived through 360 degree Virtual Reality. In our web application, the user can browse freely through a well-assorted library to find something that suits the care recipient.

We put a large amount of effort ensuring the comfort and well-being of the end user. Our services are customized after the client’s needs, which obviously can differ between individuals. The photos and videos are carefully seleced to be interesting and stimulating for care recipients withing elderly care and LSS.

The VR experience may also be enhanced by adding atmospherical music and sound environments that correlate with the VR environment that the user in experiencing.

From Malmö to Miami

Our clients gain access to a large library, containing more than a thousand different photos and videos.

The library has something to offer for every taste – animals, nature, cars, sports, churches and cathedrals, northern lights, beautiful flowers, boats, and above all, geographical locations.

There’s always a new corner of the world to discover. Sometimes, all you want is to lay down on the white sands of a tropical beach and listen and the waves roll against the shoreline. Other times, you feel more adventurous and feel like exploring the vibrant market districts of New Delhi. Maybe you’ve always wondered what the surface of Mars looks like?

In our web application, users may also upload their own content. Maybe a care recipient wants to revisit their old childhood neighborhood, but lacks the physical capability of going there in person?



Mia’s parents, Bertil and Louise, are residing at a retirement home and has, as they’ve grown older, lost the ability and energy to experience new things and go outside the retirement home. Consequently, they often miss out on fun events, such as their grandchildren’s birthday parties which is something they truly miss. This sometimes makes Bertil and Louise feel isolated and makes them miss being younger and more active.


This year, when their grandson Walter celebrated his birthday, grandma and grandpa was given the opportunity to experience their grandson’s birthday party remotely, using VR. Walter’s mother, Mia, brought a 360 camera to the birthday party and took some photographs which was later uploaded into a pair of VR glasses so that Bertil and Louise could experience the birthday party remotely and more immersively than just looking at pictures on a phone screen.


Watch the video to the right to see how welfare technology impacts everyday life for our loved ones and create meaning and value. Bertil and Louise can now experience Walter’s birthday party whenever they want and get a feeling of having been there in person.

Our library of VR photos and videos is always growing.

We listen to our clients and offer the possibility to expand the library after their specific needs. Is there something in particular you’d like to experience in VR? Don’t hesitate to contact us!