What is virtual reality?

VR, or Virtual Reality, is a technology that simulates real-world environments in a 360-degree angle, in either still or moving pictures. The technology is experienced through a VR-headset that can sense which direction your head is moving. There are different types of VR-headsets for different purposes. The technology is suitable for many purposes in sectors such as healthcare but also for pure entertainment and gaming purposes.

What does virtual reality mean?

Virtual reality (VR) is a technology that can simulate a different reality, a virtual one. By putting on a pair of VR-headsets, one enter a world that eyes and brain register as the real world. A 360enviorment is entered that allows one too look around and sometimes interact with the surroundings.


An example of this is putting on a VR-headset and enter a basketball court, picking up the ball and shooting some hoops.. The technology is so advanced that it tricks our brain into thinking that we are actually playing basketball, when we are actually just standing at home in our living room.

What is Virtual Reality used for?

VR has many different application areas but entertainment is by far the biggest. As an example, one can sit by a lake and fish or go for a roller coaster ride. However, the area experiencing the fastest growth of virtual reality implementation are users within professional and business-related purposes.
The purpose could be to simulate a safe environment for the user to practice and prepare for a real life event, like a fire drill, flying an aircraft or making a heart transplant. VR has the ability to simulate and activate our brain in ways that no other technology can do, which makes it suitable for a wide range of applications